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The company is involved in the winter clothing donation activities in the winter area
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2016 is no longer the cold relief mountain winter clothing donation report. 



Hand in hand heart to heart with children to see the world together! Shake handshandle Tibet class uzi class with class uzi docking county youth corps committee, wu qi county middle school, county primary school, bin elementary school, elementary school, kumar more elementary school, class uzi town primary school, moved to elementary school, post color elementary school, the elementary school, guido primary school, a shankar elementary school, long Lin Yijiao, long Lin 2 school, warmer winters shankar elementary school big action! 


The volunteer unit that wenzhou loves to participate: sea change power equipment co., LTD. Yueqing women's union and the children's center for children's activities; The first primary school in liuzhou city; The second primary school in yueqing city; Leqing foreign language school; Le qing city yu ying school; Feng zhi-dendong science and technology co., LTD. Yueqing co., LTD. Station of harmonious love; Major public interest groups; Travel volunteers across the country; Social love participants and so on! 


Extend your hand, harmonious society no longer cold! Participate in donation and stick to this year for many years this winter no longer cold is love: jun send logistics co., LTD., zhejiang wenzhou jetta logistics co., LTD., sponsored logistics delivery; Shanghai delisi switching co., LTD. Is a company that has sponsored the package. Shanghai zhongcheng electric co., LTD. Hangzhou pro beibei industrial and clothing co., LTD. Is sponsoring the new clothes. Education beducation, the international culture of youth culture. 


Public welfare is not the patent of the rich but your participate in cardiac action silently, mindful did not say must be with whom, your participation is the greatest power! Gratitude! The most grateful team, wenzhou jun hair logistics co., LTD. Is actively involved in the whole process. Gratitude! 

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