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The 2016 year-end party will be held ceremoniously
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On the evening of November 11, 2017, Haibian Power Equipment Co.,Ltd.2016 will be held in the grand hotel of the yueqing hua lian hotel. Congress shall be presided over by wu Lu Qian, director of the office, the company leadership, invited leaders attended the reception in the New Year and with more than 100 employees together, share the joy of development, the harmonious culture. 

In general manager Zhu Shouhai annual work report, the report pointed out that in 2016 by China's economic downturn and shrinking market both at home and abroad, the influence of the electric industry market downside is larger, enterprise in developing encountered unprecedented difficulties. Company under the correct leadership of the board of directors, under the joint efforts of all staff, promote innovation, increase investment, adjust the train of thought, to overcome difficulties, keep the enterprise steady development. 


Zhu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all the staff and family members who have contributed to the development of the sea. Give fully affirmed the work over the past year, the author affirms the achievements, the company's future development and the work of the New Year raised specific requirement, clear the development direction. United struggle, hope the broad masses of workers continue to carry forward the positive, hardworking spirit, in order to achieve a sea change electric power security, stability, to strive for a healthy and sustainable development. At the end of the conference, zhu proposed that the glass will greet the arrival of the New Year. 


The cocktail party warm and joy of New Year, suspense fold sweepstakes link to all employees to exclaim unceasingly, generous awards to the atmosphere to a climax, buoyed by the staff, let us believe that dreams can always achieve more. Through this reunion will strengthen the communication between the managers and staff, understanding and trust, and build the company atmosphere of harmony, harmony, improve enterprise cohesion, enhance employee well-being, the spirit of sustainable development to create a good environment for the company. 


(the ministry of electricity and electricity administration) 

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